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Unleash your inner child on the world's biggest bouncy obstacle course

We all need to let our inner child free from time to time, and this new bouncy obstacle course might just be the best way to do it.

The Monster Obstacle Course is the biggest in the world. Image: Courtesy of the Monster UK/Zero Degrees West

At 300 metres, the Monster Obstacle Course is the longest in the world – it features 42 obstacles in total, including an 18 metre-long Mega Slide, a Tunnel of Love and an ominously named Bouncy Cage of Doom.

The course features a grand total of 42 obstacles. Image: Courtesy of the Monster UK/Zero Degrees West

The creators of the Monster, event producers Nick and Joe, found that: “people want more real, immersive, memorable experiences, particularly nostalgic experiences, where they can behave like a big kid again”. They proved their words true by selling out all the tickets to last year’s ride, The Beast, and are determined to double that success. That’s why they’re bringing their new creation on a tour of the United Kingdom for the whole summer, daring everyone to “let loose their inner child.”

“The Monster dares you to let loose your inner child”. Image: Courtesy of the Monster UK/Zero Degrees West

The Monster will be in Manchester, Cardiff, Nottingham, London, and Birmingham. “It’s bigger, better and more bonkers than ever before,” said Nick and Joe on their press release. And guests might want to stay for a bit longer than the thirty minutes it usually takes to clear the obstacle course because the venue will also include a dance floor with live DJs playing and light shows, craft beer and cocktails, street food and two ball pits, the Flamingo and the Unicorn.

The Flamingo is one of the two mega ball pits present at the venue. Image: Courtesy of the Monster UK/Zero Degrees West

The course was designed with adults in mind from the most athletic to the not-so-much, which is why the staff promises to “help you out” if you find yourself in trouble clearing a particular obstacle but always recommends wearing activewear rather than jeans. Kids will have morning sessions dedicated to them if they want to try and “conquer the Monster”.

The Monster is meant for adults, but there are sessions dedicated to kids as well. Image: Courtesy of the Monster UK/Zero Degrees West

Every session at The Monster Obstacle Course must be accessed with a ticket. You can buy them through their website here.