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Take a look at Helsinki's new cutting edge museum

Amos Rex will open its doors to the public on 30 August 2018 and the mystery behind the sheeting at Lasipalatsi or ‘glass palace’ will be revealed.

Lasipalatsi Square. Image by Amos Rex/JKMM

Rumblings have been emerging from under the historical Lasipalatsi, a functionalist building created in 1936 in the heart of Helsinki. The new art museum lies in the square behind the historical building, and is aiming to bring the old, the new and the future together in an intriguing space.

The aerial view of the space. Image by Amos Rex/JKMM

A sweeping staircase leads you down to two large halls with polka dot ceilings and skylights jutting upwards. An exhibition by teamLab from Tokyo will take centre stage for the opening on 30 August 2018. A 500-strong team of artists, computer programmers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, graphic designers and writers have put together the installation.

The exhibition is named Untitled, and previews have revealed swirling swathes of light with orchestral music that engulf the onlooker. Organisers suggest visitors can stand, walk or lie down to view the exhibition making them interactive guests. Children get special attention at workshops where they can paint, draw and get messy to their hearts’ delight and then jump, play and slide bathed in coloured lights that play tricks on their drawings.

Amos Rex’s polka dot ceiling. Image by Violetta Teetor

The exhibition will be on display until 6 January 2019 but Amos Rex will continue to push the boundaries of experimentation blending art with urban culture. The existing Bio Rex cinema, part of the complex, will be utilised for film festivals and cross-disciplinary activities. Concerts and other public events will take place in the events forum in the park-like setting of the square.

Words: Violetta Teetor