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An all-woman festival is happening in the UK this summer

Between 16 and 19 August this year, Woman Fest wants to gather the sisterhood to an “all-woman radical participation festival” in Somerset.

The festival wants everyone to consider participating. Photo by Hero Images

The festival wants to represent women from all disciplines and walks of life. The theme of ‘radical participation’ means that everyone who attends is welcome to share something, which could be food, a skill, a piece of art or even just chat about something that is important to you.

There will also be workshops on yoga, circus skills, dance and nature-based crafts and a main stage for music, poets and performers. There is also a spa area to use and on-site therapists offering massage, acupuncture and more. On Saturday there will be an invitation to participate in a fancy dress event with the theme being your favourite goddess.

The festival will run in June. Photo by simonkr

The festival itself is run by an all-female team and all the staff there will also be women, including everything from security and maintenance workers to workshop facilitators. Anybody who identifies as a woman and is over 18 can go, as well as teenage girls when accompanied by an adult guardian.

Tickets begin at £185 (with £165 for concessions) and includes all your food, which will be catered for with local organic and vegetarian food. 20% of the profits will go to charity, to be split between Tree Sisters who restore tropical rainforests and MEENA, a group who support child and women refugees in Birmingham. There is no alcohol allowed on site and drinks and other snacks are available to buy.