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Sweat & Sound throws secret immersive fitness events in London, NYC and LA

If you’re the type of person who likes a workout to be more than just a cardiovascular chore, this emerging project aims to make your fitness experience transformative for both your body and mind.

Meditating with a live orchestra
‘Aurora’ nighttime ‘Yoga & Meditation with Live Orchestra’ journey through the galaxies with London musicians Okiem and yoga instructor Hannah Mae. Photo by: Sweat & Sound

Sweat & Sound is a concept developed by two former dancers and workout fanatics Ariana Alexander-Sefre and Martina Dalton. Whilst enjoying an intimate music gig on a New York City rooftop, the duo had a eureka moment. With the electric atmosphere and collective energy from the crowd, they thought – why not apply this feeling to fitness?

“Being such a big fan of transformative experiences, that feeling of togetherness with other people made me think of the way people workout together as a tribe and how important music is to cohesion,” Alexander-Sefre told Lonely Planet. “It then just seemed obvious to try and merge the two to create some kind of hybrid, multi-sensory experience. I guess it sort of started off as an experiment.”

Sweat & Sound hit the ground running in a relatively short space of time, hosting innovative events that fused movement with music. The project throws on average one event a month and works with private clients and brand partners on many others.

Past events include yoga and meditation with a live orchestra set in a candlelit historic church, a time-warp retro workout inspired by different decades, and a bumper Spin/HIIT session with live accompaniment by stars from UK’s Grime scene.

A harp-led yoga session in London
White Noise’ – participants perform yoga with live harpist at Core Clapham wellness centre. Photo by: Sweat & Sound

The premise is that aside from the physical endorphins being released, participants also feel a deep emotional and spiritual connection with their surroundings.

“We intend for our experiences to be as much a fitness class as a live music performance – which means our guests mostly see themselves as much sporty/fitness types as creative/music types,” Alexander-Sefre explained.

“We also try to ensure people get to know each other during each event. Besides it being a genuinely awesome physical experience, an important thing is that you leave feeling connected to a group of like-minded, interesting people.”

Outdoor spinning session
Riding Dirty’ Spin & Live UK Grime Music’ with musicians DJ Eastwood/Durrty Skanx and instructors Jemal Rose/Hannah Frankson. Photo by Sweat & Sound

According to the co-founder, big things are yet to come. The entrepreneur explains she has a book of thousands of potential experiences with various themes. Although, if you want to be involved, it’s best to get on Sweat & Sound’s mailing list because public marketing is not their ballgame.

“We wish to keep a low-profile, so as to retain a core group of repeat guests who become a strong community. As we believe we are doing something quite unique and interesting, word of mouth does spread,” she said.

“We don’t like to give away too much, but things are going to get very playful soon. We’ve been toying with creating an immersive retreat, and we also are being urged to bring our trademark Yoga & Orchestra event to NYC this autumn… so watch this space,” she teased.

For more, visit their website here.