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Heading Down Under? Don't leave without trying the all new Vegemite smoothie

Australian juice and smoothie chain, Boost Juice, have teamed up with one of the country’s most quintessential food brands to create an ‘interesting’ new flavour addition to their range of smoothies – the Vegemite Boost.

Ready for a vegemite smoothie? Image by Boost Juice

Just a hint of the iconic salty Aussie spread is whipped up with chocolate, vanilla, yoghurt, banana and dates in the hopes of creating a deliciously salted-caramel-type smoothie with a Vegemite twist that no one knew they wanted…until now.

Vegemite is made from leftover brewer’s yeast and it was created in Melbourne in 1922 by a food chemist working at the Fred Walker Food Company (later to become Kraft Foods and more recently sold back to an Australian company, Bega). This Aussie kitchen staple is an absolute national icon, so much so that recently the name of the street where it is made in Port Melbourne was renamed to Vegemite Way. While the rest of the world might gag at the taste of this dense tar-like spread, it continues to be dearly beloved by Australians. But whether they embrace it in a smoothie is another thing.

The range is available until July. Image by Boost Juice

The Vegemite Boost smoothie is part of a new limited edition range launched by Boost Juice, called the Aussie Milk Bar range, offering classic flavours such as Rocky Road (a mix of marshmallows, strawberry, vanilla yoghurt and dark chocolate flakes) and Cookies & Crème (made with Oreo cookies, vanilla yoghurt and banana). The Milk Bar range is only on offer until 1 July 2018.

Words: Kate Morgan