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For the first time ever you can spend a night in this luxurious Lake Como villa

If you want to truly live like royalty, a historic luxury villa on Italy’s glamorous Lake Como is now open to the public to rent.

The Villa Sola Cabiati. Image by Gran Hotel Tremezzo

Lake Como has long been a sought out Italian getaway for the rich and famous. Now, the Villa Sola Cabiati, which until recently was only available for private use, is available for the public to rent after coming under the management of the nearby Grand Hotel Tremezzo. You will have to round up about US$10,000 (€8479) a night to pay for it though.

The interior of the Villa Sola Cabiati. Image by Gran Hotel Tremezzo

But should you have the money lying around, you will certainly get the luxurious experience befitting of the price. The 18th century villa once belonged to a family of dukes and is made up of a massive building with two side wings, and contains a large staircase, marble balconies, and a beautiful Italian garden. Inside, the walls feature frescoes inspired by Virgil’s Aeneid.

Access to the garden at Villa Sola Cabiati. Image by Gran Hotel Tremezzo

There’s also a collection of tapestries, vases and majolica, and perhaps most impressively, a bed that was slept in by Napoleon and his wife, Joséphine de Beauharnais, which was saved from a bombing that damaged part of the Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan during World War II.

The entrance way to the Villa Sola Cabiati. Image by Gran Hotel Tremezzo

As the villa passed through illustrious hands, in 2017, the owners of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo announced its management of the Villa Sola Cabiati to allow its guests exclusive access to the incredible building.

Suite Andrea at the Villa Sola Cabiati. Image by Gran Hotel Tremezzo

“Villa Sola Cabiati is an artistic masterpiece, a rare jewel of Italian ars vivendi. Until recently, the magnificent villa was available for private use only, but from today, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is overjoyed to open the doors of the noble residence exclusively to its guests. An experience inviting travelers to discover the hidden, aristocratic spirit of Lake Como, making every stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo even more unforgettable,” said CEO Paolo De Santis, in a statement.