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Get your kicks on Route 66 with these supercool roadmaps

If you were thinking of taking to the highway on your next holiday in the US then these supercool road trip maps might give you some inspiration.

Get your kicks on Route 66
One of eight iconic US road trips – Route 66. Image by: Neomam Studios

The nine minimalist routes were designed by illustrator Ilias Sounas and give eight different options for an excursion across America. They come from Neomam Studios who with summer approaching wanted to give inspiration to travellers searching for their next road holiday.

Mike Nudelman, managing editor of Neomam, told Lonely Planet: “We thought the minimalist style would best capture the twists and turns of these iconic routes.” The eight roadmaps include world-famous road trips like the Pacific Coast Highway and Route 66, but also some less well-known options.

Route 20 was the team's favorite
Route 20 takes travelers from Boston to Newport, Oregon. Image by: Neoman Studios

Nudelman said their team’s favourite was Route 20, which takes travellers on a transcontinental trip from Boston in the east to Newport, Oregon in the west stopping in Yellowstone National Park along the way. “This coast-to-coast highway is America’s longest road, covering an impressive twelve states,” said Mike. “We haven’t been lucky enough to take that road trip yet – but it’s on our radars for 2019.”

He said: “The US has such a varied landscape, from arid deserts to ocean beaches, and snow-capped mountains to sand flats below sea level. Travelling by car is the best way to understand how these terrains blend into one another and appreciate the historic sites and interesting people that populate the landscape. We chose these eight because we thought together they provided a balanced perspective on the geography of the U.S. They’re also some of the most historic routes.” Not all eight are quite as long as Route 66 or Route 20, and there are plenty of options available for those looking for something a little shorter.

Not all the trips are as long as Route 66
Miami to Key West can be done in 3.5 hours. Image by: Neomam Studios

A trip from Miami to Key West can be completed in less than three and a half hours without stopping while the famous Seward Highway between Anchorage in Alaska and the city of Seward can be driven in even less time. They are both however, best enjoyed over a much longer period. “If you want to find out more about the nitty gritty of all those different routes, then you can read about them here.”