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Why travelling North America by Greyhound bus is about to become cool again

Greyhound buses are usually seen as a cheap way to get between North American cities, but the company is now on a mission to make hopping a bus a cool way to travel off the beaten path.

Bixby Bridge in Big Sur California. Image by Chris Axe/Getty Images

As the largest provider of intercity bus transportation in North America, Greyhound is hoping to encourage “a new generation of modern, millennial travellers,” to hop on a bus and explore the wonders that are only a short journey away. While it’s true that many millennials love to travel, it can be pretty expensive to buy a flight to Europe or South America. But with Greyhound, young travellers are being encouraged to consider the destinations that are only a bus ride away, with a new ad campaign with the slogan “you don’t have to go far to go far.”

While it may not be practical for New Yorkers looking for a quick trip to LA, it could be good advice for anyone with spare time but little cash, as a four-hour ride between New York and Boston can cost as low as $9. It’s also a way to encourage travellers to hit up some more hidden gem destinations – maybe convincing more people to check out up-and-coming cities like Boise, Idaho or Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since our wanderlust often has us dreaming of more faraway destinations, the bus company is hoping to reinforce that there are adventures waiting around every corner – and it provides scheduled passenger services to 3800 destinations around North America.

Joshua Tree National Park. Image by ©West Coast Scapes/Shutterstock

Of course, what often deters travellers from the bus is the lack of comfort on a long ride. But in order to make a bus ride more appealing, Greyhound is updating its fleet with power outlets, extra legroom, reclining leather seats and guaranteed seating, which could have travellers forgetting about waiting around an airport for a flight. Of course, since younger travellers are the target, the buses also have free Wi-Fi.

Travellers don’t need a passport to discover the world around them, with Greyhound noting that new people and experiences are just a bus ride away. To learn about the top underexplored hidden gems in the US for 2018, check out Lonely Planet’s Best in the US.