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Plan your ultimate gin getaway for World Gin Day

There are so many holidays to celebrate around the world it can be hard to keep up with them all, but there are plenty of reasons to make time to celebrate World Gin Day on Saturday, 9 June. The fun holiday celebrating all-things gin was originally launched by London-based gin expert Emma Stokes, who also goes by the Twitter handle Gin Monkey. Since it’s creation, it has spawned celebratory events around the world. But, if you love a drop of mother’s ruin as much as you love to travel, there are plenty of places to go for a bit of adventure and to appreciate gin.

Celebrate World Gin Day with a cocktail in hand. Image by Gary Barnett/EyeEm/Getty Images

World Gin Day London

Gin has long been associated with British culture, so it’s no surprise that the capital will also host what’s described as the first official World Gin Festival. It’s a four-day festival dedicated to the spirit, where a selection of bars around the city will offer special cocktails to those with a festival pass.

Make your own blend at Ireland’s first gin school

If you want to learn more about how your favourite drink is made, head to Ireland’s first gin school. The Listoke Distillery near Drogheda, County Louth offers ups classes where eager students can make their own personal blend to enjoy.

Sample a cocktail for World Gin Day. Image by ©Matt Munro/Lonely Planet

Spend the night at London’s gin hotel

Fill your dreams with G&T’s with a night at London’s gin hotel, where you can also blend your own perfect drink. Portobello Road Gin has opened The Distillery, which combines with an in-house distillery, bars, a museum, ‘The Ginstitute’ gin-making experience, and three boutique guest rooms.

Relax and be pampered at Scotland’s gin spa

Drinking your gin is one thing, but Glasgow’s Gin Spa will let you enjoy treatments that take their inspiration from botanical ingredients from some of the world’s top gins. Luckily, you can also grab a gin and tonic from the drink trolley.

Sample a cocktail for World Gin Day. Image by ©voloshin311/Getty Images

Sample the spirits of Australia’s new gin capital

Gin is quickly becoming a spirit of choice in South Australia’s capital of Adelaide, where a proliferation of small bars and locally distilled gins. Many local gins also use grape-based spirit from the Barossa Valley wine region, so you can truly get a taste of Australia.