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Take part in a colorful pasta art workshop in Seattle

It’s Sicilian tradition meets Seattle quirk at Linda Miller Nicholson’s highly sought-after pasta workshops, where those in attendance learn how to turn their macaroni into masterpieces worthy of a museum.  Miller Nicholson has been hand making some type of pasta or noodle at least once a week since the age of four. That’s a whole lot of practise. She cut her teeth in both America and Italy, under some of the most knowledgeable pasta pioneers, and she even completed a stint on hit cooking show MasterChef.

Linda Miller Nicholson wearing a pasta fascinator. Image by Linda Miller Nicholson

Unsurprisingly, she has now become a world-renowned ‘pasta powerhouse’ famed for her innovative and inimitable ‘pasta art’ which is transformed by the addition of all-natural, vegetable-based dyes.“Although I’ve been making pasta since I was a kid, I do have to credit my own child for giving me the key to unlock the colorful world of pasta,” she explains to Lonely Planet News. “If it hadn’t been for his pickiness at the time, I probably never would have pureed over 25 different vegetables with eggs in order to sneak some health into him and some vibrancy into our lives.”

This artwork is made with tortellini (tiny) -tortelli (medium) -tortelloni (large). Image by Linda Miller Nicholson

Miller Nicholson, who was first taught how to make noodles by her grandparents in southern California, soon noticed how popular her colorful carb creations were. Her Instagram page has amassed over 150,000 followers as her pasta projects have diversified from edible creations to clothing and custom artwork for the likes of Katy Perry and Kate Hudson.

Handmade Handmaids. Image by Linda Miller Nicholson

With a best-selling pasta bible, multiple media features, and her growing social media fan base – Miller Nicholson insists that when it comes to making her name as a culinary tour de force, the secret recipe to success has been practice, perseverance, and patience. “It’s true what they say about putting 10,000 hours into something, you really come to understand your medium when you spend some time each day working it. I am grateful for the media attention my work has gotten, editors who have found me on their own and reached out, and the fun celebs who enjoy my pasta art. It’s all been a bit of a snowball effect that I would say built gradually and steadily, with my main focus being to create art every day,” she said.

These ravioloni have an oozy yolk inside to make your dinner egg-stra eggs-travagant. Image by Linda Miller Nicholson

If pasta is your passion, and you’re keen to turn your vermicelli into a Vermeer, consider taking one of Miller Nicholson’s pasta workshops located at her studio just east of Downtown Seattle. “I host two workshops every six weeks,” she explains. “Each workshop is comprised of ten people, and they sell out every time. If only there was more time to host more!”

Bag made entirely of pasta. Image by Linda Miller Nicholson

For more information on the upcoming events and her book, visit here.