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Create the perfect group holiday with a new trip-planning tool

Going on holiday with all your friends is great – but actually planning that trip can occasionally be a bit of a nightmare.

Make it easier to actually get your crew on vacation. Image by lechatnoir/Getty Images

Sometimes it’s arguing over where to go, or getting a million messages trying to organize dates that work for everyone, or the holdup is that friend who is so relaxed they can’t  make a decision about anything. But a new tool from travel site Kayak is hoping to help get you and all your friends on the same page so you can move on to spending your energy figuring out what to pack. Since 48% of Americans say they get stressed by planning travel for their friends and family, Kayak Trip Huddle is hoping to help.

The new took will help you vote on where to go with friends. Image by Kayak

After heading to the site, one person picks a trip name and invites the friends or family who will be heading along with them. From there, the group can enter their picks for where they want to go, the date combinations and even look at hundreds of different hotels they can stay in. Once you have plenty of options available for this dream holiday, each group member can cast their vote, rating things on a scale of one to three.

Get all your pals to Rio. Image by ©Michael Heffernan/Lonely Planet

That means, you can skip all the group texts and WhatsApp messages, instead just leaving your trip planning in one helpful space. Opinionated travellers can have their say on where you can going, and you can lay out dates that will work with your schedules. In no time, you’ll have a trip that’s likely to keep everyone happy.

Get the crew to Santa Monica with this new trip planning tool. Image by ©oneinchpunch/Shutterstock

If you’ve ever been the one in charge of getting the ball rolling on trip planning, then it’s not a surprise that this would be a handy tool. A number of popular travel sites are trying to make things easier for groups. Airbnb even introduced an option to split the bill on accommodation – so your most organized friend doesn’t always have to pay the bill up front.

But, if you are way more inclined to use your holiday as a break from the people you love, solo travellers still may struggle to make decisions on where they go. If so, check out these trendy cities for those who like to go it alone.