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See the cities that hold the highest-rated hotels around the world

If you’re looking for a destination with a wealth of highly-rated hotels to choose from, one survey has ranked the top cities for highly-rated hotels around the world.

Metropolis Building on the corner of Gran Via and Calle Alcala in Madrid. Image: Sylvain Sonnet

Online travel and leisure retailer, lastminute.com, ranked the cities based on the most searched for and highest rated hotels, based on factors like location, comfort, Wi-Fi, room service, breakfast, cleanliness and value for money.

The top cities for highly-rated hotels around the world have been revealed. mage: ©Alexcpt/Getty Images

When it came to Europe, the survey placed Madrid at the top of the pile, followed by Austria and Warsaw. The remainder of the top ten cities were deemed to be 4. Lisbon 5. Prague 6. Berlin. 7. Barcelona 8. Manchester 9. Bucharest and 10. Budapest. Manchester and Barcelona were the only two cities in the top 10 that aren’t capitals of their respective countries.

When it came to North America, Houston came top of the list. This was followed by 2. Mexico City. 3. Chicago 4. Washington DC 5. Portland 6. Boston 7. Philadelphia 8. San Juan 9. Vancouver and 10. Seattle. Cape Town came first in Africa, Guangzhou was ranked top in Asia and Australia combined, and Montevideo came first in South America.

Europe’s top cities for highly-rated hotels have been revealed. Image: JuniperImages

The results suggest that the best-rated hotels were not necessarily found in the most-visited cities, which might surprise some people. The survey also provided data on the best time of the year to visit each city and top attraction found in each one. To see the full results for each continent featured, see here.