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A new search feature helps flyers to find their ideal destination based on temperature

If the weather is a big factor when it comes to choosing your holiday destination, one airline has introduced a temperature search function on its website that might help narrow down the field. Norwegian’s new feature enables travellers to find their dream destination based on their desired temperature, so if you enjoy sizzling in the heat or chilling in more ambient temperatures, you can set your preferences to reflect that.

Norwegian has introduced a temperature search to find travellers’ ideal destinations. Image: Cmannphoto

The search function on Europe’s third largest low-cost airline’s booking site will then select destinations based on the temperature you’d prefer at the time of travel, by using a digital route map. The temperature function ranges from minus 15°C  to 30°C+ and also supports temperatures in Fahrenheit. In addition, users can filter destination results based on month of travel, budget limit and type of destination.

Norwegian has introduced a destination temperature search. Image: FatCamera

“The website is our biggest sales channel, so it’s important for us that it makes it as easy as possible for our customers to find their next trip with Norwegian,” says the airline’s commercial director, Thomas Ramdahl. “We know that many long for sun and heat, so a search function based on temperature will make it easier to find what they’re looking for, as well as inspiring them to find new destinations they may not have thought about.”

Norwegian has introduced a temperature search on its website to find travellers’ ideal destinations. Image: Henglein and Steets

Norwegian flew more than 5.1 million UK passengers in 2017 and was number 30 on the list of top 100 airlines in the world last year. It revealed major plans for expansion of its long-haul flights out of the UK earlier this year. Its route map can be found on its website here.