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Celebrate National Wine Day with a $1 wine-filled experience

It’s National Wine Day in the US and if you want to mark the occasion this weekend, act fast and book a celebratory wine experience for only $1.

Napa Valley is one of the top wine regions in the US. Image by ©YinYang/Getty Images

Airbnb has announced that for the 25 May holiday, a number of hosts have opened up their wine experiences for the weekend for just $1. That means that if you have yet to make plans for 26 or 27 May, you could be taking a hiking wine tour in Oregon or exploring the wine country of Washington DC for a buck. As the home-booking website continues to expand its “experience” offerings for things like street art tours, surfing lessons and secret concerts, the $1 events might convince some people to try them out for the first time – even if they are just hanging out in their home city.

Have a wine experience for $1. Image by ©Inti St Clair/Getty Images

If you’re wondering just what’s on offer, people in Boston can go to a wine tasting with a certified wine expert and educator, who will help guests learn how to fully enjoy their wine. An Oregon-based experience will bring a new twist to a wine tour, with guests hiking through the vineyards of Dundee Hills for five hours, stopping at local wineries along the way for tastings. In Portland, travellers can hit up a tasting with a local winemaker, who will teach you what you need to know about Oregon wines. Or, if you’re further east this weekend, travellers in Washington DC can explore the local wine country and hear stories about winemaking in the area. In Virginia, you can get a tour of a winery and its grounds.

But if you already have plans this weekend – or have to spend your weekend recovering from celebrating National Wine Day today – then you can still plan your own experiences in wine country. The top wine destinations in the US for 2018 have been revealed and some of the best spots might surprise even the most wine-loving travellers: the number one spot on the list was Coshocton, Ohio.