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The raw beauty of Norfolk’s sweeping landscapes captured by local photographer

With its vibrant, beautiful skies, rustic, sweeping beaches and pastoral marshes, the county of Norfolk in east England is an idyllic location for a relaxing getaway. And now, as if its already sterling reputation wasn’t enough to entice travellers, a photographer has shared a series of stunning images portraying the area’s raw, natural beauty that just may encourage people to start packing their bags immediately.

A storm rising over Brograve Mill in Norfolk.
A storm rising over Brograve Mill in Norfolk. Image by Jamie Skipper

Captured by local photographer Jamie Skipper, the images show diverse and striking scenes, such as a storm rising over Brograve Mill at Waxham, the evening sun at East Runton Beach, a winter sunrise at Horstead Watermill on the River Bure, and the reflection of the sky at dusk in the water alongside St Benet’s Abbey.

St Benet's Abbey at dusk.
St Benet’s Abbey at dusk. Image by Jamie Skipper

Jamie’s interests in documenting Norfolk began several years ago when he decided to attempt to photograph all of the medieval churches that he could find across the county. “The beautiful countryside I witnessed made me fall in love with the Norfolk landscape. It had wide skies and rural fields, old houses and church towers seemingly everywhere. One of my favourite spots is the Norfolk Broads, and taking quiet walks with wildlife all around, the orange sunsets with old windmills silhouetted among the reeds,” Jamie told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Sunrise at Horstead Watermill.
Sunrise at Horstead Watermill. Image by Jamie Skipper

Jamie also said that his inspiration is fuelled by the unique, slower pace of life in Norfolk. “On a calm summers evening, the smell and sounds of the countryside really are beautiful, you can get immersed in the experience. There are great country lanes with farmland either side, and catching a glimpse of a barn owl or a hovering kestrel hunting while out with my camera is hard to beat,” he said.

A misty scene of a boat on the Norfolk Broads.
A misty scene of a boat on the Norfolk Broads. Image by Jamie Skipper

Inspired by his experiences photographing Norfolk, Jamie has started to venture further afield to take images of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, and in the past few years, he has holidayed in Snowdonia in Wales, with a particular interest in the mountains, valleys, lakes and waterfalls of the area.

More of Jamie’s photography is available on his Instagram.