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Visit Rimini this summer for the Lonely Planet travel festival UlisseFest

Passionate travellers will have a place to connect this summer as the second edition of Lonely Planet’s travel festival kicks off on 8 June.

Head to Rimini for the travel festival. Image by Tatiana Dyuvbanova / EyeEm / Getty Images

The three-day festival, Lonely Planet UlisseFest – The Travel Show, will be held in the beautiful city of Rimini, Italy, between the old town and the promenade made famous by the famed local director Federico Fellini. The festival is a celebration of all things travel and will have shows, events, exhibitions, seminars and workshops that will appeal to those whose world revolves around travel.

There will be a number of incredible guests from around the world: Syrian musician Omar Souleyman, Boban Marković Orkestar of Serbia with a famous brass Balkanic band, journalist James Nestor and writer Ilija Trojanow.

Travellers will come from around the world to take part in the festival. Image by Lonely Planet

There will be writers like Paolo Giordano and Niccolò Ammaniti in attendance, as well as Tony Wheeler, the co-founder of Lonely Planet, who will share his editorial adventure. Beyond that, hikers, explorers, photographers, cartographers, travel writers, bloggers and influencers who have made a life of travelling will attend the event – in case you need some inspiration for your own full-time travel plans.

The festival is organised by EDT, the Lonely Planet Italian Partner, in co-operation with the municipality of Rimini. Rimini is located in Emilia-Romagna, a region in north-east Italy that is less well-trodden than the rest of Italy – though is still famous for its busy beaches. The area got a recent boost with the opening of FICO Eataly World in Bologna, a massive educational market filled with Italian agriculture and food. It’s also the perfect time for travellers to visit Emilia-Romagna as it has been named the best European destination in 2018. Find out why it’s the best time to visit here.