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Experience music like never before at Sonos’ new Berlin flagship

It’s like a whole house in one room. Truly experiencing music can be tricky – especially if you’re travelling and only have a destroyed old pair of earbuds.

The Sonos Store, Berlin. Image by Sonos

Luckily, if you feel the need to really immerse yourself in music, Sonos has devised special listening booths that simulate all your usual home comforts while packing some killer sound quality. The new booths, affectionately dubbed ‘Houses’, are designed to have the feel of a bedroom, living room and kitchen all in one, and each features specially tuned wireless speakers to ensure perfectly optimized sound. Each booth also features carefully designed soundproof doors, stylish decor from local artists, and a tablet which allows listeners to choose any music they like. Visitors will find two of the booths at the Sonos flagship at Oranienburger Str. 83 in Berlin.

“We’re not just designing a store to sell speakers,” Sonos Art Director Julia Jeanguenat says. “Of course there’s a retail component, but we really want to create a space where we can host events, spark conversations, bring people together and inspire them to listen out loud.” The speaker company teamed up with design studio 44flavours and Berlin-based artist Lena Petersen to make the booths feel like home. One is decked out in beautiful boho-style with a leaf print wallpaper, while the other boasts an eclectic geometric wall design with some mid-century modern furniture.

Visit Sonos in Berlin to listen to music when you’re travelling. Image by Sonos

Each House features several Sonos speakers, which the listener can individually control through the Sonos app. This allows visitors to experience the brand’s multi-room technology in one specialised environment, while also testing out the sound quality and various different features. And if that’s not enough to entice you, the store also hosts events looking deeper into the stories behind beloved pieces of music, like the recent David Bowie edition of Song Stories.

Words: Ryan Barrell