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Explore Colorado on a winding trip along the new distillery trail

Already known for its craft beer, Colorado is hoping to convince travellers to explore the state on a new distillery trail.

Travel around Colorado looking for the perfect drink. Image by ©Photography by Deb Snelson/Getty Images

The Colorado Spirits Trail is a new initiative from the Colorado Distillers Guild, helping people find their way to the next tipple, much like the well-known Kentucky Bourbon Trail. As the craft spirits’ boom continues around the world, more and more people are looking to find out where the next big drink is being made and how to sample it from the source.

If this sounds like the perfect way to find your next trip, then take a good long look at the trail map, which charts your way through 45 distilleries in the Rocky Mountain state. There’s an online version for anyone still in the trip planning stages, or a print map can be found at participating distilleries, the airport, or tourist information offices.

Decanter of whiskey and a glass on a wooden table. Image by ©MarkD800/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Where you’re a whiskey, rum or even vodka lover, you might find something for you along the way. The route will take you to classics like Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey in Denver, the state’s first legal whiskey distillery since American prohibition. Or, you can stop by the world’s highest distillery, Breckenridge Distillery, which uses water flowing down from melting snow, or even 3 Hundred Days of Shine, where you can taste traditional Colorado Moonshine in ten flavours like apple pie and peach cobbler.

The online map also explains where you can take tours and do a tasting. Travellers can also collect stamps at distilleries by spending money on merchandise, bottles or cocktails. After ten distilleries, you can trade in your stamped map to get a t-shirt that commemorates your finishing the first round of the trail. Find out more here.