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Certain breeds are banned from United flights with their new pet policy

United Airlines has made changes to its pet policy in order to keep animals safe, but it means owners of certain breeds may have to leave their pups behind.

Pugs are among the dogs that can no longer fly on United. Image by kathie tran photography/Getty Images

While plenty pets fly on the airline each year, United faced a recent high-profile incident in March, when a dog reportedly died on board a flight. Now, the airline has announced that it will be working with American Humane to improve the well-being of pets travelling with the airline, meaning new policies, training and more efforts to increase animal safety.

United’s new animal policy may mean your dog has to stay home. Image by Alaska Photography/Getty Images

The company is launching a PetSafe program, which is specifically designed for dogs and cats that are not eligible for travel in the cabin. But there are new restrictions that will go into effect on 18 June. Only cats and dogs can travel as part of the program, there will be no other animals accepted. There are also a number of restrictions on what breeds can fly; short- or snub-nosed dogs and cats, or strong-jawed dog breeds, cannot fly due to higher health risks. That means, breeds like bulldogs, Chow Chow, pugs and more are not able to get on the plane – nor your adorable Persian cats.

To find out the details of United’s full pet policy, included the banned breeds, check out their website.