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Flying short-haul? These are the airlines chosen as best value in 2018

Anyone who loves a budget fare will be interested in a report on the airlines that were chosen as best value in 2018. Travel fare aggregator, Skyscanner, analysed the 20 most popular airlines that fly short-haul from the UK to compile the list across four key categories: baggage charges, the price of a seat reservation, the cost of on-board catering and the average economy ticket price.

Easyjet came top of a list of ot best value airlines for 2018. Image: Oaser

On ticket price alone, Ryanair was found to offer customers the cheapest ticket prices on average. The rest of the top ten based solely on ticket price are 2. easyJet 3. Flybe 4. Vueling Airlines 5. Wizz Air 6. Norwegian 7. Aer Lingus 8. Blue Air 9. Eurowings and 10. TUI Airways. According to Skyscanner, Ryanair appears to be the cheapest choice for those prepared to forego on-board catering, a reserved seat and additional luggage.

Easyjet was voted best value airline for 2018. Image: Easyjet

However, most flyers will be aware that if you’ve got a suitcase to check in or you want to avail of other services on your flight, you need to look beyond the basic price of your ticket. According to its findings, Ryanair doesn’t make the top ten for value when other factors are considered. According to its analysis, EasyJet is the best-value airline for short-haul flights in 2018. The rest of the top ten includes 2. Eurowings 3. KLM 3. Swiss 5. Vueling Airlines 6. Lufthansa 7. Jet2 8. Air France 8. Flybe and 8. British Airways.

Ryanair was found to offer customers the cheapest ticket prices on average. Image: John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images

Incidentally, not all of the best value airlines featured were low-cost, as the Dutch and Swiss national carriers, KLM and Swiss, were included as were British Airways, Air France and Germany’s largest airline Lufthansa. In other parts of the research, Eurowings was found to offer the best value for baggage charges and Blue Air has the best seat reservation prices.