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Would you stay in a floating city of futuristic pyramids?

The world is constantly evolving, and every day, new, dynamic and exciting travel experiences are being announced. Looking towards the future, one intrepid company has announced an exhilarating and unique prospect; a fleet of floating pyramids that take guests on an unforgettable cruise across the seas.

An artist's rendering of the modular city Waya.
An artist’s rendering of the modular city Waya. Image by Waya

Created by Italian company Lazzarini Design, Waya takes inspiration from the architecture of the Mayan people, as well as Japanese temples, to present a completely unique design and visitor experience. Currently crowdfunding for a completion date in 2022, the modular pyramids aim to offer a range of different living and entertainment settings, and will include special service areas such as hotels, shops, spas, gyms, bars and cinemas. In order to complete the main pyramid, different modules will overlap on a floating basement, and the lower level will hold a large entrance designed for boats, as well as a reception area to access rooms.

Due to the unique design, each Waya module will have the ability to be coupled with a floating basement, creating a customised floating building unto itself. The plans make use of solar panels and water turbines in order to make the city environmentally-friendly, as well as self-sufficient. “Wayaland is a new offshore living experience. A self-sustainable community built around the idea of humans on the water,” said designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini.

The first suite will cost an estimated €350,000, ($420,600) with crowdfunders being able to pre-order available nights in 2022 at €1000 ($1200) per night. Each contributor to the project will also be able to cast their vote online for the location of the first module, as well as becoming an official “Citizen of Wayaland”, and will even receive a passport.

The project is due for completion in 2022, and is currently pre-booking places through a crowdfunding initiative. Image by Waya

More information on the Waya project, as well as details on how to fund it, is available at the official website.