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Emirates will now help you check into your flight from anywhere in Dubai

Waiting in check-in lines is one of the most annoying parts of air travel, but Emirates is planning to get rid of that by introducing a new service that allows passengers to check in from anywhere in Dubai.

Emirates will check you in at home in Dubai. Image by Emirates

Home Check-in will see Emirates passengers complete their security check and check-in from their home, hotel or office, and have their luggage brought to the airport for them. An Emirates staffer will travel to where the passenger is, tag their bags, check them in and issue boarding passes. Emirates says the service seals each bag and stores them in a separate hold in the van. Then, the traveller can head to the airport on their own when ready and head straight to immigration without having to go to the check-in desk.

The service is available for all passengers and costs AED 350 (US$95) per trip for up to seven pieces of luggage, with an extra AED 35 (US$9.50) for each additional piece of luggage. If this sounds like the perfect way to speed up your travels, the service can be booked at emirates.com up to 12 hours before your flight leaves.

Check-in at home in Dubai with a new Emirates service. Image by Emirates

The airline has been running the service as a pilot project since back in October, which it says ensures that both the customer experience and security checks work properly. If you are landing in Dubai and want a simpler way to deal with luggage, travellers can leave their luggage in a storage facility while they head out and explore the city on a layover, or Emirates also offers a home delivery service where luggage is picked-up, cleared at customs and delivered straight to customers.