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What US states are you guaranteed to have the most fun in?

Want your next holiday to be a guaranteed good time? Try travelling to one of the most fun states in the US.

California is the most fun state in the US, according to a new report. Image by Tanveer Badal/Getty Images

With sunshine, beaches, national parks, and entertainment epicentres like LA and Disneyland, it’s not surprising that a new report says that the most fun state to visit is California. The study from WalletHub ranks US states on key fun factors like the number of attractions, the weather, access to national parks, the average cost of beer and wine, music festivals and much more to determine the spots that offer travellers the best time.

Source: WalletHub

While California ranked first, it was followed closely by its top East Coast rival, New York, where travellers go to explore the Big Apple or the Adirondacks. As the home of the party city of Las Vegas, the third most fun state to visit is Nevada. Florida, which has a surplus of theme parks, good weather and beaches ranks fourth, followed by the Midwest sport and theatre hub of Illinois.

Fulton Ferry Pier with views of Manhattan. Image by ©Sivan Askayo/Lonely Planet

However, everyone defines fun differently, so one person’s dream destination may not be the most entertaining place for someone else to go. Luckily, the report also breaks down the best states for certain types of entertainment. For travellers who live for a good meal, the states with the most restaurants are California, Florida, New York and Texas. If you love golf courses and country clubs, it’s best to consider a trip to Michigan, Iowa or Florida. Lovers of the performing arts are best to head to theatre capitals like New York, California and Illinois.

New aquapark Volcano Bay Universal. Image by ©Miami2you/Shutterstock

Some destinations are also best for outdoor pursuits. If you love skiing, there are six states tied for the most skiing facilities per capita: Vermont, Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Montana, and Wyoming. Nature lovers will find the best access to national parks in Alaska, followed by Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and New Mexico. Read the full study here.