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Put a piece of the Berlin Wall on your wrist with this new watch

We’re always told to remember history, lest we be doomed to repeat it. Now a US-based company hopes to ensure we never forget the hardship and division caused by the Iron Curtain – by allowing you to wear a piece of the Berlin Wall on your wrist.

Berlin Wall wristwatch
Now you can wear a piece of the Berlin Wall on your wrist. Photo by: Pramzius

Pramzius is offering customers the chance to purchase a stylish accessory with real rubble from the Wall built into its casing. The wearer can even see the pieces of the Cold War-era concrete barrier through a viewing window in the crown.

The remnants of the Soviet-built wall were provided by John Gaps III, an Associated Press photographer who captured images of the fall of Communist Germany.

An image of the Brandenburg Gate is etched on the back of each watch
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. Photo by: Sparwasser/Getty Images Image by Sparwasser/Getty Images

The design boasts genuine marble and an etching of the Brandenburg Gate on the back. In homage to the artistic protests by residents of West Berlin, the watch faces also feature designs based on some of the iconic graffiti adorning the wall.

On the brand’s Kickstarter page, (now over, but open for pre-orders) Pramzius co-founder Craig Hester said the three-year process of creating this watch had been a “labour of love” for him. “In the two decades I have been in the watch industry, there have been very few watches that have gotten my engine revving more than this one,” he added.

Artwork on the Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall mural. Photo by: Shutterstock

Only 1989 pieces of each edition have been produced, a number chosen to mark the year the wall was torn down. Prices start at $389, and some proceeds will be donated to the East Side Gallery, an open-air museum based around remaining sections of the Berlin Wall.

The brand has already seen success with another historical timepiece which was inspired by the Trans-Siberian Railway, and plans to create more themed accessories in future.

By Ryan Barrell