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Swap homes for $1 a night with new app from a world-record breaking traveller

James Asquith broke a Guinness World Record for the youngest person to visit every country in the world. Now, he wants to make it easier for other people to travel with a new home-swapping app.

A new app helps people swap homes. Image by Westend61/Getty Images

Holiday Swap is described as a way to reduce one of the most expensive parts of travel, accommodation. The app is pitching itself as the “Tinder of travel”, where users swipe on homes looking for somewhere they might want to stay. Users can swap their house, room and more for $1 per night per bed. Travellers can use the app to make connections with people when they are looking for somewhere to stay on an upcoming trip, or save places they may want to visit in the future.

By adding filters for the type of property they want, users can swipe to find somewhere that meets their holiday needs. They can match with people who are up for swapping for their accommodation and connect to discuss the possibility of planning a swap in the future. They will get a notification when another traveller is interested in their property, so they can decide whether they are up for the swap.

The famous Matogianni street the most well-known street in Mykonos island. Image by ©Anastasios71/Shutterstock

“The millennial generation is the future and this generation wants more with less. With the growth of technology we are building a true global sharing community, where we can actually use the assets we have to explore more of the world,” Asquith said in a statement. There are already properties in 50 countries available on the app, including in places like LA, Sydney, Brazil and Japan.

As a seasoned traveller, Asquith has helped other people learn how to travel for less, and even shared his top money-saving travel tips with Lonely Planet. 

But, there’s currently a traveller trying to unseat Asquith for his record-breaking spot. Taylor Demonbreun, 23, from the USA is currently attempting to break three world records for travel, with the aim of becoming the youngest and fastest person to go to every country.