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This self-sufficient home concept features a full garden on the roof

If you want to be more self-sufficient, then start dreaming of the stunning house that provides for its inhabitants thanks to a rooftop garden.

See the plants on top of the home. Image by Penda Austria / mediadrumworld.com

Architecture firm Penda has released the plans for the 807-square-foot Yin and Yang House. The home  in Germany features a spacious and minimalist design on the inside, but is perhaps most notable for the incredibly lush green roof.

The Yin and Yang House features an amazing rooftop garden. Image by Penda Austria / mediadrumworld.com

The project is the work of Penda Austria and is designed for a family who wants to produce most of their own food. The home has a minimal timber structure with a terraced roof curved in a shape evocative of the yin yang symbol.

Striking concept shots show the 807-square-foot Yin and Yang House. Image by Penda Austria / mediadrumworld.com

“My wife Fei and I are also living in a small house in a rural area of Austria and the biggest advantage of the countryside is the quality of life, especially when it comes to growing your own food,” said Chris Precht, founding partner of Penda. “When architecture supports the way we grow our food, a house becomes more than ‘just’ a building. It attracts all your senses. Nature makes the house visually appealing because it changes its look according to the seasons.

The off-grid house has a massive rooftop garden. Image by Penda Austria / mediadrumworld.com

“Natural materials make it haptic. You can hear your house, because different animals like bees or birds become part of the daily life. It has its own natural scent, based on the plants growing on the roof. And in a way you are able to eat part of the house. This sensible architecture creates a special bond to the building and it creates a personal relation.”

The house can be self-sufficient thanks to its garden. Image by Penda Austria / mediadrumworld.com

The home will not only allow the residents to grow their own food, but to live in harmony with their surroundings. However, some avid travellers may not be content to stay put in a home for so long. Luckily, there are options for those who want to take their home on the road.

By Mark McConville/mediadrumworld.com