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Spend the night in a cabin built around a 100-year-old French tree

A tree house that wraps around the trunk of an old tree is offers a very unique stay at the Château de Raray, not far from Paris.

The bird’s nest-style tree house hotel room. Image by Atelier LAVIT/mediadrumworld.com

The property is perched high among the trees, with a wooden bridge leading to its entrance. The floor of the tree house is organised around the trunk of an hundred-year-old oak tree, making the tree trunk part of the fabric of the hotel suite. Inside, the huge oak tree makes way to a king-sized bed and a living area looking out a huge window into the forest.

A wooden bridge leads to the entrance. Image by mediadrumworld.com

The Origin Tree House was created by architects Atelier LAVIT. “The challenge was to create a functional and comfortable hotel room while being faithful to the first inspiration of the project: a bird-nest,” explains Marco Lavit Nicora from the architecture firm.   

The cabin has a king-sized bed and a living area looking out a huge window into the forest. Image by Marco Lavit Nicora/mediadrumworld.com

Each one of the living spaces faces the large windows overlooking the forest, offering a mid-air view on the foliage of the centennial oaks of the domain. Breakfast is included in the price per night of £285 (€320) and the tree house even has its own private heated hot tub which can be accessed via a gangway.

The Origin Tree House wraps around a century-old oak tree. Image by Marco Lavit Nicora/mediadrumworld.com

The tree house sleeps two, however it is one of 14 cabins in the forest, some larger that can take families and others that are just six metres from the ground, for anyone with a fear of heights. Everything is provided in the cabin for a perfectly restful night at one with nature.

The cabin overlooks the grounds of Château de Raray not far from Paris. Image by Marco Lavit Nicora / mediadrumworld.com

Other amenities to make for a comfortable stay include a shower room, central heating and a balcony to look out over the woods. Tree house accommodation is a growing trend for travellers looking for alternative places to stay, that bring them closer to nature, like this tree house in Panama that allows guests to experience a night in the jungle, with all the comforts of a hotel bed.