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Bring your frenemies along to this Mean Girls-themed brunch in London

If you’re a fan of the cult 2004 movie, Mean Girls, you may love the idea of rocking up to a themed brunch party in London that celebrates the iconic high-school movie classic. And, of course, it promises to be ‘so fetch.’

A London brunch will be based on the 2004 movie Mean Girls. Image: Paramount Pictures

Having already been a smash hit at the 5th & Mad gastropub in New York, the Mean Girls Brunch will take place in Old Street bar, Floripa, on Saturday 17 February from 12 noon to 5pm. Whether you’re one of the Plastics, a Mathlete, a Freshman, a Varsity Jock, a Desperate Wannabe, a Burnout or any of North Shore High School’s other cliques, you can totally sit with the cool kids at this day filled with “rainbows and smiles.” There will be Mean Girls-themed games, cocktails and brunch food, and you’ll get a main, a dessert and an hour of bottomless prosecco from 12pm to 1pm.

You can drink prosecco at a Mean Girls brunch in London. Image: Katrin Sauerwein / EyeEm

There will be exclusive drinks available, such as the Glen Coco and Carb-less Butter cocktails, and you and your frenemies can win free shots throughout the day. Guests are encouraged to dress accordingly, as on Saturdays “we wear pink.” You might win the Spring Fling King and Queen competition and be awarded with two free cocktails of your choice, and there’ll be a Burn Book circulating on the day. No Mean Girls event would be complete without a Burn Book, and if anyone has annoyed you that week, you can vent your rage in it.

A brunch in London will be based on the 2004 movie Mean Girls. Image: Paramount Pictures

While all this is happening, the movie itself, starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, Tina Fey and Amanda Seyfried, will play in the background.

Tickets cost £35 (US$49.90) and can be booked here. You go, Glen Coco!