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Fancy taking a tour of a disused underground Tube tunnel in London?

If getting an alternative perspective on a city appeals to you, you may be interested to learn that the the London Transport Museum has announced a fresh series of Hidden London tours. These tours take people on a journey of disused London Underground Tube tunnels and buildings, and will run on various dates between January and March 2018.

The first tour, called Subterranean Shelter, will see people journey 180 steps underground to explore Clapham South deep-level shelter, which has over a mile of subterranean passageways that reveal the extraordinary stories of those who sheltered here during World War II. The second tour takes place at the same location, and participants will cosy up underneath a blanket to watch a bespoke World War II film reel curated by London Transport Museum. They’ll see one of 16 sub-shelters in the vast complex of tunnels, and learn about the realities of being a Londoner during the war.

In the third tour, participants will take an exclusive look inside London’s first skyscraper, 55 Broadway. Considered radical and offensive when unveiled in 1929, this Grade I listed structure is now a marvel of Art Deco London. The tour will give access to London Underground’s former headquarters, and participants will explore its 14 storeys of beautifully detailed offices, grand meetings rooms and stunning rooftops views.

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The final two tours are held in Euston station. The first is called The Lost Tunnels, and it explores a century of the station’s history. Participants will discover a labyrinth of dark and dusty passageways that were once used by the travelling public, and a gallery of preserved vintage advertising poster fragments that have been concealed for over 50 years. The second Euston tour is called Euston – The Photography Tour, and it’s an abbreviated version of the first one. It will be led by an expert tour guide with additional time structured in for photography.

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For further information on the tours, please visit here.