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If you want to eat like the French, reach for some beef bourguignon

France is famous for its incredible cuisine, drawing in travellers from around the world who want to sample an incredible range of dishes. But if you want to sample the most authentic dish – according to the French themselves – get yourself some beef (boeuf) bourguignon.

Beef bourguignon has once again been named France’s national dish. Image by The Picture Pantry/Getty Images

The beef-filled and wine-soaked stew was selected as the best representative of French cuisine is a survey of more than 1000 people by the Toluna Institute, garnering 23% of the vote, reports the International Business Times. That puts it ahead of blanquette de veau – veal in a creamy sauce – and steak frites at 11% and 10% respectively.

Steak frites is one of France’s top meals. Image by Claudia Totir/Getty Images

Originating in Burgundy, if you follow the classic recipe of Julia Child, the recipe involves beef and bacon, as well as vegetables like onion, carrot, pearl onions, mushrooms, herbs and of course, a hearty helping of red wine. In fact, if you want to really practice making boeuf bourguignon, you can even rent Julia Child’s former home on Airbnb and give it a try. In fact, the Provence home, affectionately called La Pitchoune by Child, has become a cooking school where guests can learn how to make classic French meals.

While there is quite a bit of experimentation among French cuisine, there are also numerous efforts to ensure that foods remain traditional. A baker in Nice recently called on the government to create a specific label to distinguish traditional croissants –meaning they have been based using additive-free flour and a local butter.