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This incredible New York hyperlapse perfectly captures the city that never sleeps

Austrian film-making company FilmSpektakel have unveiled the latest in their ‘A Taste of… hyperlapse series, this time exploring glorious New York City. The incredible three-minute video perfectly captures the buzz of the Big Apple, zooming in on some of its most iconic landmarks.

Austrian film company explores New York. Image by Film Spektakel

Having previously shot Austria and Vienna, what made the team choose the USA this time around? “We’d been to New York twice prior to the project”, says Thomas Pöcksteiner, managing director and DOP at FilmSpektakel. “So we were familiar with the city; we knew some cool spots. Furthermore, we noticed that there were lots of timelapse videos of New York, but very few of them were on a level that we thought could be possible in the city that never sleeps. So, we decided to try shooting our own.”

New York sunset. Image by Film Spektakel

The shoot was intense, since the team wanted to capture all elements of the city. “We shot ten days and ten nights”, Thomas recalls. “We hardly slept at all, since we wanted to gather as much material in that time period as possible. We were lucky with the weather, and managed to shoot every day. In the end, we actually prayed for some rainy days so that we’d be forced to take a break! For some sunrises we actually got up, positioned the cameras, laid down next to them and slept, only to get up every ten minutes to check the settings.”

Filming in New York. Image by Film Spektakel

Do Thomas and the team have favourite moments from the finished product? “I think we like the short stop-motion bits the most; the man eating the burger, or the guy in the window phoning, the taxi shot, the window-cleaners, or the couple in the boat… all the scenes that tell a little story!”

Now that NYC is a wrap, what city do FilmSpektakel plan on filming next? “We’ve actually already shot the next episode of the series”, Thomas reveals, “but we haven’t had time to start post-production. I won’t tell where we shot yet, but if you’re following our Facebook or Instagram pages, it won’t be that big of a secret!”