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The raw, diverse beauty of Iceland showcased in this breathtaking video

A stunning new drone video has been released that showcases the raw, diverse beauty of Iceland. It features stunning shots of frosted mountain peaks, crystal clear turquoise lakes and surging waterfalls, as well as a time-lapse showing the colourful dance of the Northern Lights, and was shot by Jonathan Besler while travelling across the country.

The video showcases the diverse beauty of Iceland.
The new drone video showcases the diverse beauty of Iceland. Image by Jonathan Besler

“It was my fourth time in Iceland and since I am a professional landscape photographer, I came home with 100,000 photos in total after spending 18 days around the island. I went there with some friends in the car, which you can see one time in the video, and I was just amazed by how lucky we were with the conditions. The weather and aurora was great and offered so many opportunities to do some great stuff,” Jonathan told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Making a special effort to visit lesser-known locations in order to highlight the untouched beauty on offer in Iceland, Jonathan scouted for locations that were free from crowds and tourists. Using a drone to sweep over diverse landscapes, locations shift throughout the video in a dramatic display of colour, from cold rocky mountains and luscious green hills to warm sunset scenes.  Collaborating with his friends Florian Gampert and Kevin May, who helped with production and sound design, Jonathan paired the footage with music created by Peter Nanasi.

The video was shot over the course of 18 days and the trip saw Jonathan taking 100,000 pictures. Image by Jonathan Besler

“I always like that Iceland is so unpredictable, you can’t plan anything 100% sure because the weather is almost never what the forecast says. There is always a wind which can get stronger. I really like this weather since you can feel the nature. In my case I have been very lucky, I saw the Northern Lights for five nights throughout the 18 days, sometimes really strong, illuminating the whole landscape. These are the moments you will never forget about,” Jonathan said.

More of Jonathan’s work is available at on his Facebook page and Instagram.