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Emirates' first class suites are so private, you don't have to see anyone for your whole journey

If the idea of having total privacy on a flight appeals to you, you will love the new state-of-the-art first class suites that have just been unveiled by Emirates, which is headquartered in Dubai. The 40-square-foot cabins are fully enclosed and contain mood lighting and a 32-inch TV. They are set to be introduced into commercial service on the airline’s Boeing 777 fleet next month.

Emirates new first class suites are fully enclosed and have mood lighting. Image: Emirates

According to Emirates, the Middle East’s largest air carrier, the new cabins are seven-foot-long and were inspired by Mercedes-Benz. They have a sleek modern design with soft leather “zero gravity” seating and high-tech control panels. There will be six of them on board, and they will have floor to ceiling sliding doors that reach up to six feet nine inches in height and offer a window view. If your private suite is located in the middle of the cabin, it will have virtual windows that project the view from outside the aircraft, using real-time camera technology

The suites are decorated in hues of soft grey, cream and champagne, and each has a personal mini bar containing snacks and drinks. A video call feature will allow passengers to order room service from the comfort of their suite. The electrically-operated seat is 78 inches-long and up to 30 inches-wide, and it reclines from an upright position to a fully flat bed. There is also a work desk and pull-out dining table, and a special insert within the desk features stationery and Byredo skincare and fragrances. If you plan on working during the flight or using your own electronic equipment, there’s a PC power outlet, dual USB port, HDMI port, USB C port and RJU headphone jack

The beds in Emirates new first class suites go fully flat. Image: Emirates

Each suite is fitted with chandelier-style lights, and there are ten ambient mood lighting settings with seven different colour schemes that customers can control in their suite. You won’t be cramped with your belongings as there is a full-length wardrobe, overhead stowage, baggage storage in the seat armrest, and extra storage space below the TV for bags and shoes. There’s a 32-inch full HD LCD TV screen linked to the inflight entertainment system, which is operated by a 13-inch touchscreen wireless seat-control system.

Emirates new first class suites have a personal mini bar. Image: Emirates

The latest Emirates 777 aircraft with these new features will enter commercial service on 1 December, making its debut on flights to Geneva and Brussels. See here for further information.