Lonely Planet Writer

This beautiful short highlights the diverse beauty of Jordan

Canadian film-maker Joshua Morin recently spent a few weeks travelling around the Arab nation of Jordan, capturing footage that perfectly highlights just how diverse this magical Middle Eastern gem is. “This project was an initiative through Matador Network and My Jordan Journey (Jordan Tourism)”, Joshua tells Lonely Planet. “GO Jordan is a piece that I edited on my own, to show how I saw the country during my stay there.”

Though he’d visited neighbouring countries before, this was Joshua’s first time in Jordan, an almost completely landlocked country that shares borders with Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria and Iraq. “I find filming Middle Eastern countries fascinating”, Joshua notes, “and the people are always so welcoming. What’s unique to Jordan is the fact that there’s so much to see in such a small space, which makes it easy to fit all in one trip. You have the Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum and [the country’s capital] Amman all very close to each other.”

Joshua spent a few weeks filming diverse Jordan. Image by Joshua Morin

Joshua says he was particularly enchanted by Wadi Rum, a dramatic desert valley located in the south of the country. Also known as the Valley of the Moon, it’s surrounded by soaring sandstone mountains, and is home to Lawrence’s Spring; named after the iconic figure of Lawrence of Arabia, who supposedly washed there.

Joshua spent a few weeks filming diverse Jordan. Image by Joshua Morin

“Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen”, says Joshua. “I’m very drawn by deserts in general, but I think everyone would enjoy visiting this place. The rock formations are majestic and seem to go on forever. One night we did a midnight hike under a full moon, it was like a dream! Wadi Greer was also very stunning. It’s a canyon hike that takes you to places where palm trees jot out of the walls – all towering 100 feet above. A very surreal hike!” See Joshua’s YouTube and Facebook for more.