Lonely Planet Writer

These adorable goats are delivering flowers in Portland...and might eat them afterwards

Now the romantics among you can express your love in an utterly unique and adorable way; a goatgram.

Om-Nom and Nibbles are the best of friends. Photo by Brett Wilson

The idea is simple; an adorable goat delivers your bouquet of flowers and upon delivery you have two options; to keep your flowers or give them to the goat to enjoy as an eco-friendly reward for their service. Naturally, this quirky idea is straight from Portland, a city with a worldwide reputation for being ahead of the trends.

The arrangements themselves are 100% organic and done by a master florist. And, of course, they are completely edible for your four-legged delivery boy. The goats, Om-Nom and Nibbles, live on Shrink Ray Farms, a hobby farm in the Cascade foothills.

It’s a tough job but these kids are up for it. Photo by Brett Wilson

The goats are available for one delivery each every day and the rest of the time is simply spent frolicking and relaxing. The business launched in October and already is garnering a lot of attention. Due to the limited slots, interested customers are advised to book their delivery a few weeks in advance.

The owners say they came up with the idea for goatgrams because goats were the only animal on the farm with no real purpose or job, apart from being hilarious to watch. They also noticed that people loved to feed the goats.

This will be the most adorable delivery of your life. Photo by Brett Wilson

Currently, you can order a goatgram to the greater Portland and Vancouver metropolitan areas. The cost of the bouquet and the delivery is US$100 in total and you can learn more or book online here.