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Fancy getting paid $10,000 a month to explore sunny Cancun?

Sick of being caught up in the rat race and looking to escape the same old 9 – 5 routine? Dreaming of sunny skies and white sand beaches? Well you may want to pay attention, as the search is now on for what may very well be the best job ever.

The search is now on for a Cancun Experience Officer.
The search is now on for a Cancun Experience Officer. Image by Cancun.com

Launched by Cancun.com in partnership with Best Day Travel Group and TravelPass, a posting has been created online for a Cancun Experience Officer. No experience is required, and job duties include spending six months exploring the Mexican city and the surrounding areas of the Riviera Maya, as well as generating videos, social media content and blog posts for Cancun.com and its social channels through first-hand experience of the area and its attractions. The successful candidate will sleep in luxurious beds overlooking pristine beaches, scale 3000-year old pyramids, and swim with 40,000-pound whale sharks, as well as coordinating charitable projects with local organisations to support education, health and well-being. The six-month-long position will receive payment of $10,000 a month, and will have all housing costs covered. The candidate must be available to live in Cancun during the proposed six-month period from March to August 2018 without interruptions.

The successful candidate will live in Cancun for six months, exploring the area and creating content for Cancun.com. Image by Cancun.com

“The attention has been extremely positive for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It seems like everyone we talk to is eager to apply or knows someone who would be an ideal CEO. We are thrilled that so many in the media and social media channels are excited to learn more about the position and share it with others. Where else can you have so many incredible experiences in such an amazing destination, and get paid to do it all? In addition, we will not only consider great individual candidates, but also teams. It’s a truly unique opportunity and we are excited to see the creative applicants!” Chad Meyerson, General Manager at Cancun.com told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Among other duties, the CEO will get to sleep in beds overlooking pristine beaches and scale 3,000-year old pyramids. Image by Cancun.com

Applications for the position are being accepted now until Friday 17 December. The top 100 candidates will be contacted in December with their next mission, and then the top 50 applicants will be announced in January, with a final five being announced on 17 January before travelling to Cancun for the final selection process.

People interested in the position can apply here.