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These US cities inspire the most hometown pride on Instagram

Most travellers spend a lot of time filling their Instagram feeds with pictures from their latest holiday, but there’s something to be said for posting a pic that really celebrates the city you call home.

Sunrise at the market with light reflection on the cobblestone street. Image by ©MCarter/Shutterstock

New research from LendingTree.com looked at posts from around the US to find where locals were sharing the love of their hometown most on Instagram. To find out what cities were the most celebrated, they studied thousands of posts with hashtags like #citylove, #lovemycity, #repmycity and #homeiswheretheheartis to discover just what communities make their residents proud to call it home.

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The stats showed that San Francisco is the most loved city in the US, based on the number of posts per capita, with 674 posts per 100,000 residents celebrating the city. It was followed by fellow West Coast spots like Seattle and Hollywood, with Miami and New Orleans rounding out the top five.

There were also a couple of surprising cities that have won their residents over – Cambridge, Massachusetts is the top spot for #food tagged with city-love posts (at 17.8 posts per 100,000 residents). Buffalo, New York received the most recognition for #art, #architecture and #beautiful posts – and while the neighbouring metropolis of New York City didn’t make the top five on a per capita basis, it did take the top spot for most city-loving posts worldwide.

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The company notes that some cities were a surprise on the top 15 list, like Wilmington, North Carolina, or Buffalo, New York, but posited that maybe residents “felt particularly eager to celebrate their local cultures on social media for this reason – they feel their hometowns are undeservedly overlooked”.

The most loved cities in a variety of categories. Image by LendingTree.com