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No photos please! British Michelin-starred restaurant bans Instagram

Customers excited to share snaps of their stunning dishes at Britain’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant the Waterside Inn in Bray may reconsider reaching for their smartphones, as the famous establishment has banned Instagram.

The Waterside Inn in Bray has requested that customers do not photograph their dishes.
The Waterside Inn in Bray has requested that customers do not photograph their dishes. Image by Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

Located in Bray in Berkshire, the Waterside Inn is renowned for being the first restaurant outside of France to have held three Michelin stars for 25 years, established in 1972 under the watchful gaze of brothers Albert and Michel Roux. Now run by proprietor Alain Roux, son of Michel and nephew to Albert, the restaurant’s French cuisine still attracts customers from all over the country, who have the choice of sampling seasonal menus, with a choice between full a la carte dining or a menu exceptionnel that is available for both lunch and dinner.

The restaurant recently made the decision to ask customers to dine without mobile phones, putting up a sign requesting that they refrain from snapping photographs of their meals. A search of the location and hashtag on Instagram reveals hundreds of images taken by diners at The Waterside Inn over the last few months. Meanwhile, fellow celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay has weighed in on the decision, calling it old-fashioned, and suggesting that happy customers snapping photos is a good, free advertisement for any restaurant.

Recently, a McDonald’s outlet in Singapore introduced special lockers for mobile phones in an effort to encourage diners to log off and make the most of family time while they eat.

The Waterside Inn, when contacted by Lonely Planet Travel News, declined to comment.