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Bear Grylls is opening his own adventure attraction in Birmingham

Birmingham will soon be home to a new Bear Grylls attraction where you can test your survival skills without journeying to remote regions of the world.

An artist’s visualisation of the new adventure attraction. Image by Bear Grylls Adventure

Bear Grylls Adventure will be a permanent part of the Birmingham NEC and bills itself as a comprehensive adventure experience where you can challenge yourself mentally and physically. The British adventurer himself has been involved in designing the attraction and lending his expertise, and the entire experience will be inspired by his own travels through jungles, mountains and deserts.

For £25, visitors can enter Basecamp where they can improve their adventurer skills through a series of physical and mental challenges. There’ll also be an additional four areas full of specialised challenges. You can choose to climb the summit, try your hand at indoor skydiving, go on a deep dive or test your fear of heights and balance on the ropes – on what promise to be Europe’s highest free-roam ropes.

Try some indoor sky-diving before going for the real thing. Image by Bear Grylls Adventure

In a statement Bear Grylls said: “this is a totally unique way to experience the adrenaline and thrill of skydiving, climbing, diving, and so much more. And all the time, testing our resolve and spirit to never give up and to go the extra mile. Get ready for the adventure of your life!”

Grylls also said he hopes it will give some people the confidence they need to get out there for a more wild adventure themselves. Visitors can get a bit more inspiration from some of his belongings which will be on display at the park, including equipment from when he scaled Mount Everest and Ama Dablam in the Himalayas.

The adventurer launched the attraction while in Snowdonia.

Bear Grylls Adventure will open in 2018 but if you simply can’t wait to put yourself to test, the Bear Grylls Survival Academy regularly teaches courses across the UK, Germany, USA and Ireland.