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There's a new record for the longest non-stop flight departing from the US

An American airline has launched the longest non-stop flight departing from the US, connecting Los Angeles with Singapore.

Tan Teng Niah Residence in Singapore. Image by Gavin Hellier/Getty Images

United Airlines has begun flying daily direct flights to Singapore’s Changi Airport – often ranked as the best airport in the world. The new route sets a new distance record for any airline operating a flight to or from the US, at 8700 miles. It beat out the company’s existing record for its San Francisco to Singapore route, which was the longest scheduled flight operated by any US carrier, at 8446 miles.

The flight will take a pretty exhausting near 18 hours to get travellers from LA to Singapore. The westbound flying time, from LA to Singapore, is 17 hours and 55 minutes due to strong headwinds, while the eastbound flight is 15 hours and 15 minutes.

Californian sunset over Venice Beach with Santa Monica Pier in the distance. Image by ©Az Jackson/Getty Images

While the LA to Singapore flight will be one of the world’s longest flights in times, it is actually shorter than a few others in distance. It’s outdone by Qatar Airway’s Doha to Auckland route, which is more than 9000 miles, and Emirate’s Dubai to Auckland flight. For travellers heading to the US from Singapore, the airline has timed the flights to provide connections to more than 20 cities around the US.