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This luxury cruise line will get you off the ship and into the wild

If the idea of adding a bit of adventure to your luxury cruise experience appeals to you, one cruise liner has unveiled a programme of cruises for 2018 that incorporates a host of ocean and land adventures. Silversea Cruises inaugural 2018 Couture Collection has nine pre- and post-cruise land programmes that offer authentic and immersive travel experiences in the most remote and untouched regions of the world.

A dominant male mountain gorilla at Volcanoes National Park. Image: Guenter Guni/Getty Images

Silversea, which is headquartered in Malta, designed the inaugural collection with inspiration from its own guests, exploring their dream destinations and most sought-after cultural experiences. “Our guests are seasoned luxury travelers looking to discover the least accessible corners of our planet, where nature can still astound with its untouched beauty,” said Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio, Silversea’s Executive Chairman.

The collection offers amazing experiences, including exploring the lush rainforests of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park while looking for majestic mountain gorillas in an exclusive two-day trekking experience. Then there’s a trip to the vast white desert of Antarctica, where you can explore spectacular ice caves and tunnels and photograph a colony of emperor penguins at Atka Bay. Or you could choose to float above the desert landscapes of Namibia in a hot-air balloon.

You can see penguins in Antartica on the Silversea Couture Collection programme. Image: Jcjlkrebs/Budget Travel

The programme includes exclusive amenities ranging from a private helicopter service in Mongolia to vintage rail travel in India and Gulfstream jets in and out of Antarctica. Each bespoke adventure is fully escorted, and guests enjoy inclusive luxury accommodation at boutique hotels, lodges and private tents specifically built for these experiences. Prices average $34,000 per guest for each five- to 11-day adventure, with the 11-day South Pole itinerary leading the collection starting at $78,000 per guest.

For more information on Silversea’s Couture Collection, see here.