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How to get a dollar for every maple leaf you collect

Autumn leaves are gorgeous and they brighten up our days with their colourful hues, but raking up mounds of them from our yards is no fun. If you live in New England, you might have an added incentive to tackle the leaf-clearing duties though, as one company is offering people an opportunity to make money from the leaves that have fallen to the ground. Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?

A craft company is paying for maple leaves in New England. Image: Zhou Jiang

Cash 4 Leaves is a website that is seeking to purchase excellent quality maple leaves from households in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island. The reason is that the fall there has been unusually warm, which has caused a short season in Massachusetts. This, combined with a drought over the summer and a windy weekend in the greater-Boston area has affected supplies to its maple leaf business, ShipFoliage.com, which creates leaf-themed gifts.

The company will pay $1 for each maple leaf accepted, and they will buy in quantities of 100. The leaves must be red, yellow or orange or a combination of those colours, and no leaves with any brown on them at all will be accepted. The leaves must have no visible imperfections, mould, bugs, tears or excessive decay, and must be shipped in an airtight, sealed plastic bag.

A craft company is paying for maple leaves in New England. Image: Shi Zheng / EyeEm

Those interested in selling their leaves are invited to collect and sort through 25 leaves from their yard or property, and email photos of the five best leaves to the company. A member of staff will reply to your email approving or denying your bid, and if it’s a deal, they’ll prepare the purchase agreement and buy 100 maple leaves from you. Beware though – any leaves that have been damaged in transit, or have dried out will be returned.

For further information on how to sell your leaves, see here.