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The New York Times is hiring a 'Writer at Large' to travel the world

While we know you already dream of working for an amazing company like Lonely Planet, there’s a strong alternative option that’s taking the internet by storm.

Atacama Desert, Chile
Atacama Desert at sunset, Valle de la Luna, Chile. Image by D’July/ Shutterstock

The New York Times announced on Monday that it is looking to hire a “Writer at Large” to spend one year traveling the world – and writing about it. Each year, The New York Times releases a list of destinations worth exploring as part of their “52 Places to Go” series; in 2018, they will send a writer to explore each of these places first hand and report back.

Unlike most jobs which require a specific duration or experience, The New York Times’ Writer at Large will need practical skills for a traveling writer. A “well-worn passport,” media experience, English fluency, and social media skills are a must; so is digital competency and the ability to craft compelling travel stories from a short experience in a destination.

Osaka, Japan is on Lonely ~Planet's Best in Travel list for 2018
Osaka, Japan at dusk. Photo ©Marser/Getty Images

If this sounds like you, the application process is equally unconventional. Prospective applicants are asked to send along a memo including information about their last trip and most memorable travel experience, as well as photography and writing samples and links to their social media. Your conventional cover letter and resume aren’t going to cut it for this one! The official job listing doesn’t have an application window close date, and this is arguably one of the most popular writing jobs of 2017; if you want to apply, don’t delay or you might miss out on the trip of a lifetime (on The New York Times’ dime!).

Banff National Park
Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies, Mountains reflecting in calm lake at sunrise. Image by janetteasche/Getty Images

In the past, the “52 Places to Go” list has included destinations like the Atacama Desert in Chile; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Osaka, Japan; and their number one destination for 2017 was Canada – similar to Lonely Planet’s top choice for our annual Best in Travel list. This year’s list from the New York Times has not yet been revealed, but it promises to be an interesting set of destinations for the lucky candidate to to try and visit in a single year.

By Valerie Stimac