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American Airlines is bringing game-changing bedding to the skies

Soon some American Airlines passengers will get a cozier night sleep in-flight, thanks to a new partnership between the carrier and online bedding company Casper.

American Airlines and Casper collaborate to bring greater comfort to passengers
American Airlines joins with bedding company to bring inflight luxury to new heights. Image courtesy of American Airlines

Starting this December, travelers flying first or business class or premium economy on transatlantic or long-haul flights will find a cozy collection of Casper-made goodies waiting in their seats. While there won’t be the full mattress the company is known for, there’s a fluffy mattress pad, duvet, and pillow, as well as a chambray blanket and lumbar pillow. When it’s time to drift off to dreamland, there’s even a set of soft pyjamas and slippers.

After an extensive research and development process, Casper designed the gear for optimal in-flight comfort, right down to the two different pillows — one for sleeping and one for sitting. “We’re excited to launch with Casper – they’re a company who has built their reputation on thinking outside the box,”  Sunny Rodriguez, a representative from American Airlines, tells Lonely Planet. “We were able to start from scratch and reimagine what sleep is onboard for our customers. Casper spent over a year researching and testing, and experimenting with prototypes to develop the new products. We know the products we’ve created with Casper will provide a great onboard experience for our customers.”

American Airlines and bedding company introduce luxury beds for long-haul
American Airlines and Casper combine to bring long-haul luxury to passengers. Image courtesy of American Airlines

The partnership is the first of its kind for Casper. Debuting in 2014 with an online, innovative line of painstakingly engineered mattresses, the company has since expanded to other bedding, including a line of pillows and sheets, plus a dog mattress.

American tested the line on flight attendants, gathering their expert feedback for the fit and comfort of the bedding on some of the airline’s longest flights. So far, passengers who have tested out the line approve, according to American Airlines senior vice president for Marketing, Loyalty & Sales, Kurt Stache. “Customers and crew members who tried Casper on our flights said they loved it.”