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Heathrow Airport has a luxury VIP service that starts from £3300

If you’re a public figure or celebrity or you’re simply willing to cough up £3300 ($4400) on top of your flight cost, you can avail of a luxurious VIP experience at Heathrow Airport in London. Heathrow VIP is available to book for those travelling on first or business class flight tickets, with all airlines flying to or from Heathrow Airport. The service is not available to those flying economy or premium economy class.

Heathrow Airport has a VIP service that includes chauffeur-driven cars. Image by Heathrow VIP

The Heathrow VIP Black service begins from your address in the UK, where you will be met by a chauffeur-driven luxury 7 Series BMW — complete with massage seats – and driven to Heathrow Airport. Upon arrival at a dedicated private entrance, the location of which is not disclosed for privacy and secrecy reasons, you enter your private lounge at Heathrow VIP. You can even spend time with pals, as two guests are allowed per group of travelling passengers. While they may arrive 15 minutes prior to the arrival time of the passenger, they must not be in the suite after you have left.

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While in your private lounge, you can enjoy a contemporary menu of simple light dishes and seasonal surprise additions. As well as its own Heathrow VIP menu, there’s also a Michelin-starred menu from chef Jason Atherton available for users of this service. A selection of wines, beers, mixers and champagnes as well as fresh juices and soft drinks is also offered.

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There is also a Heathrow Personal Shopper service, where a dedicated personal shopper will accompany you to the terminal of your choice to discover the latest collections and ranges from your favourite brands. If you are a non-UK or EU citizen, it can be arranged for a specialist from Travelex to assist and process your VAT refund.

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Security procedures occur within the suite, and once your flight is ready, you will be driven by private luxury vehicle directly to the aircraft. After you land at your destination, the VIP team will be waiting to whisk you away by luxury vehicle to your private lounge. While you unwind there after the flight, the team will assist with immigration formalities and collect your luggage. Once completed, a chauffeur-driven luxury car will take to your desired location. If you are transferring flights, the team will escort you from your arrival through to your private lounge and on to your departing flight.

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Offering the same service at Heathrow Airport as the Black service, the Classic service is an online-only booking option that is offered on occasion. It is reserved for those guests with fixed travel plans who make their own arrangements to travel between Heathrow and their desired address, or vice versa. The service has more restrictive terms and conditions and chauffeured vehicles are available at an additional cost.

The Heathrow VIP Black service starts at £3300 (£2700 plus VAT) per person one way and supplements may apply. The Classic service starts from £2700 (£2250 plus VAT). For further information, check out www.heathrowvip.com