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Why this eye-catching custom campervan costs a whopping $420,000

A bespoke, bright yellow campervan that boasts a range of features specifically tailored to rugged terrain and rough road trips has hit the market, with a stunning price tag of $420,000.

Mercedes Orange Work Lennson 3C Camper
The custom overlander weighs four tonnes and costs $420,000. Image by Orange Work

Created by custom truck builder Orange Work in Germany and available for export, the four-tonne Mercedes Orange Work Lennson 3C Camper features a 224-horsepower engine, permanent four-wheel drive, furniture made of multi-layer lightweight plywood and detailed with walnut and nickel-plated brass, as well as two 280-watt solar modules to help power the gigantic vehicle.

Mercedes Orange Work Lennson 3C Camper interior
The interior includes lightweight furniture detailed with walnut solid wood and nickel-plated brass. Image by Orange Work

Designed to provide a level of comfort throughout tough terrains, the Mercedes Orange Work Lennson 3C Camper has a steel frame and insulating glazing with mosquito protection, but a fibreglass frame can be chosen for travellers trying to keep the overall weight of the campervan down. “With its extreme terrain capabilities and engine performance, the camper is designed for people who want to go anywhere without restrictions,” said Stephan Schmidt of Orange Work.

Mercedes Orange Work Lennson 3C cockpit
The cockpit features furniture with two-tone leather upholstery. Image by Orange Work

Aspects of the interior can be customised and altered according to need, with a seat nook that transforms into a bed beside a height-adjustable table. The bathroom features a mirrored wall cabinet while the kitchen includes a worktop with a flush sink, a gas cooker with two burners and cabinets and drawers for storage. The driver and passenger seats are both electronically adjustable, fully heated and come with two-tone leather upholstery.

“The interest in the vehicle has been huge, but of course some people are frightened by the price tag!” Stephan said.

The seating area can be transformed into a bed. Image by Orange Work

In an ever-evolving industry, campervans are seemingly proving to be as popular as ever in different locations around the world, with sales in the Netherlands reaching record numbers last summer. This year also saw the announcement of the Volkswagen I.D BUZZ, a futuristic-style camper that mixes vintage elements into the design.

Meanwhile, tour companies have begun to create bespoke experiences centred around camping, such as the Northern Lights experience that allows guests to sleep beneath the natural phenomenon in a custom built campervan.

More information on the camper van is available at the official Orange Work website.