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Discover the cheapest days to visit popular cities

If you’re in need of a cheap week away or want to travel somewhere during the off-peak season, a new US site may be able to help. Called Offpeak.io, it aims to help travellers avoid peak tourist times by looking at median hotel prices over the course of the year to work out what the “off-season” might be for that city.

Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris, France Image by Shutterstock

There are advantages to travelling in peak season, of course. Weather may be better and more facilities and tours options may be offered, for example. The disadvantages can be higher prices for flights and accommodation, tours and restaurants that are more crowded and longer waiting times to enter attractions and landmarks.

Offpeak.io’s site displays median hotel prices on every day of the year for over 100 cities around the world in some of the most desirable travel destinations. It takes into account events going on in the city that might drive costs up off-season and cause higher rates, such as conferences and festivals. You can use the city graph to establish dates with the lowest hotel rates, and view available hotels. It also allows you to see the estimated high/low temperatures during that time, and identify the least expensive times to travel.

Boston Public Garden in the US. Image by Getty/S. Greg Panosian

Co-founder Eric Adleman told Thrillist that the inspiration for the site arose when he noticed drastic differences in hotel rates. He was amazed me that the same hotel room could go for $100 dollars on one night and $400 dollars on another.