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The spectacular beauty of Lithuania captured by drone

A photographer has captured the beauty of Lithuania as seen from above, with a new collection of drone images showing the country’s natural landscapes and urban environs in a unique way.

Dubingiai in Molėtai district, Lithuania.
Dubingiai in Molėtai district, Lithuania. Image by Martynas Charevičius

Captured by Martynas Charevičius from Vilnius in Lithuania, the series began at the start of this year when the photographer got his first quadcopter, teaching himself how to operate it around the local area. This soon inspired Martynas to capture as much of his homeland as possible, often leading him to explore new places.

The Church of St. Johns in Vilnius.
The Church of St. Johns in Vilnius. Image by Martynas Charevičius

“Sometimes, I did not even know where I was going but I think finding an unknown place is a pure joy of randomness. During this year I’ve collected a bunch of images from various places across Lithuania’s idyllic landscape. I’ve photographed old houses and churches, dense forests, lakes and rivers and some stunningly beautiful sunsets with low hanging clouds. What I’ve learned by taking pictures of Lithuania is how little we see really see of our country’s beauty. Our peaceful and green scenery makes Lithuania really stand out,” Martynas told Lonely Planet Travel News.

A night view of Vilnius captured by quadcopter.
A night view of Vilnius captured by quadcopter. Image by Martynas Charevičius

Photographs show the bright lights of Vilnius captured from above at night-time, while the project also features images taken in Dubingiai town in Lithuania’s Molėtai district, as well Salkininkai village and the beautiful Lake Asveja nearby. Having a passion for comparing landscapes around the world, Martynas found the new technology opened up a world of opportunities for him to learn more about his country before sharing that knowledge with other people. “I want everyone to see Lithuania as a small but great destination for nature lovers. Foggy mornings and sunrises inspire me to wake up early and find something new about my country. Yet, I still feel I have so much more to picture in other towns and villages,” said Martynas.

Lithuania's Black Road, near Vilnius.
Lithuania’s Black Road. Image by Martynas Charevičius

So far the reaction to the series has been very positive, with many people thanking Martynas for sharing his representation of Lithuania with a wide audience. In the near future, Martynas wants to travel to Georgia to take pictures there.

More of Martynas’ work is available at his official website.