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How you can fly business class UNLIMITED for 8 months for $3500

If you have ever dreamed of enjoying the pleasure of flying business class on a regular basis, Turkish airline, Atlasglobal, has an deal that may appeal to you. It is offering passengers two business flight packages, one international and the other domestic, which seem to offer amazing value.

One package allows passengers to fly to more than 50 destinations in 35 different countries for US$3500. Image by Getty Images

The first package is aimed at those who wish to spread their wings. Called Atlasglobal Unlimited International, it allows passengers to fly to more than 50 destinations in 35 different countries for US$3500 until May 31, 2018. Passengers purchasing this package can fly on international flights as well as international flights with domestic connections. The airline operates scheduled flights to Asia, Russia, the Middle East and Europe, and there is no limit to the number of flights and routes that can be purchased as part of this package.

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The second package, Atlasglobal Unlimited Domestic, is aimed at those who travel around Turkey regularly. It offers passengers unlimited Turkish domestic flights for 3500 Turkish lira, or $938, and the flights must also be taken by 31 May, 2018. The flights for both packages must be booked by 5 November. The business class privileges on board include a wide choice of menu offerings, a minimum 30kg baggage allowance and 100cm of legroom.

As with most offers, there are a few things to bear in mind. Packages are only available to passengers over the age of 13 and taxes and fees are not included in the price. Participation in the promotion is limited to 5000 domestic packages and 5000 international packages, and two different discounts or promotions cannot be combined at the same time. If there is no availability in business class for a specific flight, the passenger may fly Atlasglobal EkonomiPlus if he or she agrees.

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For further information on the Atlasglobal Unlimited International and Atlasglobal Unlimited Domestic packages, please see here.