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This tour leaves you in a remote spot...and you have to find a way out

Truly getting off-the-beaten-path when travelling can be difficult, but one luxury tour company is hoping to get adventurous spirits lost in such remote destinations that their entire trip will be finding their way out.

Wander into the unknown with a tour that will get your completely lost. Image by Black Tomato

Get Lost is the latest tour offering from Black Tomato, which will take travellers to an unknown destination where they will have to  navigate their way out of a challenging environment.

Travellers who opt for the unique holiday will be matched with a “Get Lost travel expert”. They will go through a consultation, figuring what they want to achieve, how they want to feel, and why they want to get lost. From there, the expert will create an expedition to a remote location that fits the bill. The only input that clients will be able to give is regarding the environment – choosing from polar, desert, jungle, coastal or mountain, or for the truly adventurous, letting it be a surprise. They won’t even get to know the country – or countries – that they will be visiting.

A Black Tomato tour will lead you off the beaten path. Image by Black Tomato

Some of the countries that travellers have journeyed through include Mongolia, Svalbard in Norway, and Guyana. If necessary, the company will provide some training sessions to ensure travellers have survival skills needed to prepare for the chosen environment. They will be taken to the location by private jet or helicopter, then be outfitted with tracking equipment.

Like to get off the beaten path? This luxury tour operator will lead your there. Image by Black Tomato

From there, the explorers will head out on their expedition, travelling between mapped out checkpoints using what3words. They will be tracked by the company’s team as a safety net, but the staff will not interfere with the journey. Once they’ve completed their trip, the clients will get a “one of a kind celebration and send off, something deeply personal and indulgent”.

Get into the wild on these luxury tours. Image by Black Tomato

If this seems a bit extreme for your next holiday, this isn’t Black Tomato’s only fantastical trip offering. The company has previously offered travellers the chance to take a professional drone photographer along on their vacation, or head out on a luxury itinerary inspired by their favourite shows.